At CrossFit FORTIUS EAST (formerly CrossFit Santee) our mission is helping people achieve their goals. We enjoy helping our community. If that means we help you get healthy and fit we have attained something. But if you become a member of our community, you have truly found people that care about you and your well being. Our family of coaches is proud to serve our community and we look forward to helping those that come through our doors everyday.


CrossFit Fortius East provides 3 major services. Our coaches are all professionals, and have decades of direct and indirect experience with proven results in strength and conditioning of recreational and competitive athletes across multiple sports including the sport of life.

Our facility is equipped with top-notch equipment, for both Olympic Weightlifting and CrossFit classes. The space is also set up to conduct Olympic lifting and CrossFit classes at the same time.

We have memberships for CrossFit and for Olympic Weightlifting. A membership in our CrossFit program includes FREE access to our world-class Weightlifting program (one of the largest in all of CrossFit) instructed by National and International Level coaches. In addition to the Fortius East location, you will also have access to FORTIUS main location and FORTIUS South Location. All offer same Level 1-4 Based Programming designed to seamlessly graduate athletes from beginners to advanced athletes.

Our community is the glue that provides energy and camaraderie essential for training. Our community is the best! We’ve helped hundreds of people become physically and mentally stronger, healthier, and happier. It will only take a matter of time before the habits and lifestyle of the amazing people that train at Fortius East rub off on you, helping you become healthier, happier, and stronger.


Owners Michelle and Tony are a married Christian couple with values that are passed on to their 3 children. Both born and raised in San Diego. They are committed to their faith, each other, their family and their community.

They utilize the CrossFit Method to maintain their physical abilities as they raise their 3 children and protect our nation in their professional careers. Nearly 40+ years of combined experience maintaining top physical condition to protect our nation puts them in the position to pass their experience onto others. Both are fierce competitors that intend to build their community one member at a time.

They are committed to helping you reach your goals. They feel strongly that if the gym is your main outlet for fitness, it will have a critical bearing on your health, happiness and longevity.

Thank you for your interest in CrossFit Fortius East!
Michelle and Tony

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