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Bring on the Games!

Every member of CrossFit Santee is encouraged to participate in this year’s open. All skill levels are welcome!

What is the OPEN? The Open is a 5 week competition with athletes competing from around the world. You will have an opportunity to see where you rank in the World, the US, the SoCal Region and at CrossFit Santee as an athlete.

How does the Open work? You will have 5 days to complete a specific WOD created by CF HQ. The WOD will be released with specific movements/standards, weights, reps and time domain.

Who should sign up? Everyone at CrossFit Santee. Challenge yourself and participate in the biggest event of the year within the entire CrossFit community!

What are people saying about CrossFit Santee?

"Best box in the county. Thank you for making my training such a priority. I feel like you guys care about my results as much as I do. If you want a fun and healthy place to workout come in and try this place out."

− Vic McQuaide

"My husband and I started going here a couple of weeks ago and we love it! Everyone is so friendly and motivating. Our coaches broke down all the movements and corrected our form. There are so many awesome coaches here and motivating members. The workouts are awesome, the gym is clean, a great place to get into the shape and have fun doing it."

− Carrie C.

"Great facility... unpretentious and great instruction! There is no macho ego to get in the way of solid learning and advancement. Their first goal is to make you better than you were using proper technique and good form: that is paramount!"

− Billy R.

"Stopped in from out of town just to squeeze in a workout and the hospitality was amazing. Great knowledgeable staff. All the coaches were friendly and professional. The box is well organized and really clean. If I lived in San Diego county I would absolutely make CF Santee my box."

− Michael Walton

Sunday 03/01/2015

| WOD | No Comments

Rest Day. There is still time to sign up for the CrossFit Games Open and complete 15.1 Rx or scaled and post your results before 5pm on Monday. Congratulations to…


Saturday 02/28/2015

| WOD | No Comments

Partner Workout: In teams of two, with one person working at a time, complete the following 3 Rounds 4 x 200m Run (alternating) 40 Med Ball Cleans 20#/14# 40 Box…